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WATCH: Fast & The Furious Supercharged Ride Video

Universal Orlando Resort’s newest attraction, “Fast & The Furious Superchargerd,” is now in soft openings at Universal Studios.

The main parts of the attraction (pre-show and ride) are clones from the segment found in Los Angeles on the Tram Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood.

But those who have been on that ride will notice a few new features to the experience outside of the virtual queue that takes place inside the team’s garage and features cars from the movies.  Florida’s version also has an additional pre-show scene with a live actor that gives you a bit more backstory to the ride.

Added to the videos that you will see inside the party buses are Ludacris’ tech genius character “Tej” and “Mia” played by Jordana Brewster.  They join Vin Diesel, The Rock, Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez, who’s original parts carry over from the west coast version of the ride.

Before you pull into the preshow portion of the ride, you do pass a new scene that features several race cars lined up on the streets on both sides of your bus before pulling into the garage to hide from Owen Shaw.

Oh…and about Owen Shaw…he’s still a bad guy here despite being a good guy at the end of the last movie, “Fate of the Furious.” So yes…the timelines are off…so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I’ve been on this version in Hollywood and really enjoyed it.  It does probably play better as a short segment on hour-long tram tour as opposed to a stand-alone, 4-minute experience…but once you get into the action sequence, it really kicks into high gear and is enjoyable.

If you like the “Fast & the Furious” movies…you’ll probably like “Supercharged.” If you aren’t a fan of the films, you probably won’t care for this attraction.

Get a sneak peak here, thanks to YouTuber user WorldKeyMagic who has posted a video of “Supercharged” below:

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