Theme Parks

Parks After Dark: The Haunted Mansion

One of my FAVORITE things that I used to do when I worked in the parks was to wonder around alone in the parks after close.

As a college program cast member, I worked my fair share of night shifts and often times closed Muppetvision 3D or The Jungle Cruise.  We would have to do certain things after official parks close before we could leave, but by the time we would finally head for the exits, guests would be LONG gone and we’d wonder the streets all by ourselves…and let me tell you…it could be more than just a little creepy, especially with all of the area music and sound effects still on.

The Disney Parks blog posted a cool video that shows the grave diggers from the Haunted Mansion practicing their Boo To You Parade routine on a completely empty Main Street.

Yep…just a little spooky.

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