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WATCH: Updated Orange Mission at Epcot’s Mission: Space

While CAPCOM might not officially be up and running until August 13th, the fine folks over at have brought us an early look at the brand new animations on the classic Orange Mission that will be a part of the “spinning” version of the ride.

The new animations look REALLY sharp, giving a very fresh feel to the ride.

You can watch the clip below…including the new preshow that no longer includes Gary Sinise. 😦

Skipper’s Take: I’m going to admit something here that I don’t like to tell many people…but I’m a bit of a chicken when it comes to Mission: Space’s Orange Mission.  Tight spaces and spinning don’t work real well with me.  But…the animations here look so good that I might have to toughen up and give this a try on my next visit.

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