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Night Rider: Take a spin on the Peoplemover

Honestly…Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover is one of the main motivators as to why I do this blog.

Back on Inside the Magic, Ricky Brigante and I came up with this idea to record segments WHILE we rode around the TTA.  We would pick a topic and have about 10 minutes to discuss it while all of the sounds of Tomorrowland played in the background.

These were simply stream of consciousness segments…all we knew was when to start talking and when to wrap it up, nothing was pre-planned…and listeners loved it.

So, at some point, I plan to bring “TTA Talk” here as a column and give my thoughts on the latest news/rumors as they happen…but until then, lets spend a few minutes taking a ride around one of my absolute MOST most-do attractions at The Magic Kingdom.

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