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WATCH: Walking tour of The Great Movie Ride

When I decided that I wanted to work at Disney World, there were only two rides I had my eyes set on:

The Jungle Cruise…and The Great Movie Ride.

So, while I normally don’t get caught up with emotion when it is announced that a ride will be closing, things are a little different with this one.

I LOVE the Great Movie Ride.  And when rumblings started up that it could be going away, I made sure we rode it a couple extra times earlier this summer…just in case.

Well, we know what is happening now, and I’m REALLY going to miss GMR.

On Friday night, the Disney Parks Blog held a special event where guests were able to walk the track of the attraction and take everything in one last time.

The team over at Inside The Magic posted a really awesome video of the experience.  Take a watch below.

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