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Wake Up With Johnny Cash Concert at Pleasure Island’s West End Stage

Ok…I’ll admit it…if you knew about this, then you are a better Pleasure Island fan than me.

When I worked in the parks (’99-’02), the first thing I would do after landing in Orlando was to head straight to Pleasure Island and purchase my season pass.  At the time, cast members were only allowed in free on Thursday nights, but I love P.I. and spent as much time there as I did in the parks, even if it meant I had to pay for it.

And while I saw some fun acts on the West End Stage like Bell Biv Devoe (That girl is POISON)…I never got to see anything as cool as what went down on January 21, 1995 when the “Man in Black” himself, Johnny Cash, took the stage for two shows.

Hat tip to Youtuber dvdmc7 for uploading the video…check out this really cool look back at Pleasure Island.

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